Dates for SANDHILLS RANCH EXPO June 17-18, 2020

Welcome to Sandhill's Ranch Expo Fairgrounds 2020

Fairground exhibitors

The annual Sandhills Ranch Expo will be held June 17th (Wednesday) and 18 th (Thursday), 2020 at the Rock County Fairgrounds in Bassett, Nebraska. 

  • Show times are 10:00 am – 7:00 pm on Wednesday and 10:00 am to 4:00 pm on Thursday.   Rock County Fair Grounds
  • Contact:  Office Manager, Hannah Greenwell  (402) 684-2320   
    If you have any questions.  Don't miss this great opportunity to showcase your product or services.  



  • 10' x 20' Space in Tents for Livestock 
  • Panels & Electricity Provided 

EVENTS Most of the Sandhills Ranch Expo events will take place at the Rock County Fair Grounds and the Rock County High School Gym.  Featured entertainers will perform in the Fair Grounds arena - free rides on the shuttle from one to the other location. Additional events will be located around the Bassett Community.   


  • Buildings and Tents 10' x 10'  Space w/table and two chairs
  • Booths, Table & Electricity Provided $300.00

We have great locations in all of our buildings and tent spaces with electricity provided upon request.  We strive to place vendors in areas in which their crowds will be in highest demand of their products and services. Back and side drapery will be provided.


(Each additional space is full price)

Our outside locations vary in size across the fairgrounds to optimize our space and improve the experience for our vendors. They include electricity by your request if needed. We will reach out to all of our outside vendors as they register to place you if you are new to the show. 

If you are not contacted after registering for an outside booth, please call the office number (402) 684-2320 to consult with our team to be able to accommodate your booth size if you are new with us this year.  


We do limit the number of food booths we take each year to optimize the show quality for our vendors. If you register, you will be contacted to confirm your space  


 Call for Sizes & Prices​ 

  • 402/684-2320 

previous vendor Priority

We give booth priority to those vendors who were with us in the previous year to be able to get their same booth back. Those previous vendors that register by March 31st, 2020 are guaranteed their spot from last year. As of April 1st, we will start assigning our new vendors their booth numbers. 

2020 Exhibitor Info and Entry Forms Downloads Coming Soon

Files coming soon.

Fairgrounds Exhibitor Contact Page


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fairground exhibitors enter info

Come experience the Sandhill's and the great people that volunteer each year to make this event happen! 

Mail your entries to this ADDRESS BELOW:  

Sandhills Ranch Expo % Hanna Greenwell

P.O. Box 678 Bassett, Nebraska, United States

Tent, Table, & Chair Rentals:

Each inside/tent booth is provided a table and two chairs. If you are in need of more than what is provided, or have an outside booth in need of these, they are available at an additional cost and can be requested on your registration form. We are also happy to coordinate any tent rentals you might need, however, we must know by March 15th, to reserve the tents. Please contact the Ranch Expo office by phone or email to discuss size and cost. 

Set Up & Tear Down:

Booths are to be completely set up by 8:00 am Wednesday. Booths will not be able to set up until payment for booth is received. We do require that booths remain open through the advertised hours to ensure a great show for all attendees and their schedules to be able to attend. Tear down cannot begin until 4:00 pm on Thursday. Equipment is available to unload and load larger items.  



  • The Sandhill's Ranch Expo Board reserves the right to accept or deny any applications and are not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged items. We provide ground security, but your merchandise is your responsibility. 
  • It is also your responsibility to collect Nebraska sales tax. The fairgrounds are not in the city limits, therefore, sales tax rate is 5.5%. Vendor parking will be available in designated areas on the grounds (weather permitting) or you may park within your lot space if ample space is available and does not interfere with other booths.  
  • Elderly and handicapped vendors will need to make prior arrangements. 

registration and payment

  • Registration is available through the enclosed form to be mailed back to us, with payment, or you are welcome to register online here at our website
  • Payment is due at the time of registration and is non-refundable if you have been assigned a booth. This payment includes any additional rentals that you have requested. We will confirm your registration status through email. 


thank you for your entry for 2020